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Hi, welcome to the Stash Advisor testing family

Stash is a budgeting app that will help you stay in control of your finances like never before! Stash provides you with one central location to keep an eye on your finances. Stash gives clear visual of what’s happening with your money. With it being so easy to use you will gain the insight required to maintain your finances and investments. Benefits and features - Secure and super easy to use - Reminders for bill pay. - Stash provides a plethora of financial institutions it’s very likely we have your institution - Always have the most up to date information on your financial accounts - All information is in sync with your financial information to the current day - Easily Refresh financial account when you lose your card or your account gets disconnected - Same day update on financial accounts - Help you become more conscious of your spending habits, and shows you how much you spend in particular categories in the past - Help you see the big picture and commit to long-term goals - constant notifications on your current budget and account totals to always be informed - Stash financial accounts help track fraudulent purchases

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